Welcome to the research site of the Fluid Effects on Structural Systems Research Group from the University of California, San Diego. In this site you will find background and analysis methods for the various research projects the group is leading. Their main focus of study is in the field of fluid dynamics and its effects on structural performance. Currently they are working on two main projects. First, they are looking into the fluid-structure interaction between flexible fish fins and their surrounding environment. The ultimate goal of this is to imitate the structural adaptations of fish fins in order to create better propulsion systems in bio-mimetic structures. Second, they are looking into the possibility of creating floating wind turbines at water depths greater than thirty meters. The group is currently analyzing how the fluid interactions of various oceanic conditions effect the structural performance of several possible designs.

This site is designed to highlight certain aspects of each of the group's research projects. If you would like to learn more please follow the links to the many publications the group has written.

Thank you.